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Car Electrical Accessories

Car lights are an important feature of our rides. Every year, different companies are known to modify the lights of different models and change their shape from time to time. This means that people with the same car but a different model year and variant will have to buy exact car electrical and light products. Here at PakWheels, customers can search car lights and car electrical accessories with respect to their brand, model, year and variant.

Car Lights

There are different car makers currently operating in Pakistan. All cars have their own light dimensions, shapes, sizes, designs, and specifications. PakWheels offers a wide range of car lights and electrical accessories that cater to different markets. The popular car makers whose car lights and accessories sell like hotcakes include:

  1. Toyota car lights and HIDs

  2. Suzuki lights and LEDs

  3. Honda headlights, HIDs and tail lights

  4. Mitsubishi lights

  5. Daihatsu lights

  6. Hyundai lights

  7. Nissan lights

  8. KIA lights

Car electrical parts are further classified into various categories. These categories are based on different auto parts and accessories which are related to either external or internal lighting. There are different types of car lamps and lights which can be bought. Also, there are other electrical products for cars, including horns, ignition switches, wires, and cables.

Car Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lamps, LEDs

Apart from headlights, tail lights, and indicators, there are other varieties of car lights that hold significance. Modern cars also come with different LED lights, bar lights, HID lights and bulbs. The complete list of car lights include, but are not limited to, headlights, tail lights, fog lamps, LEDs, indicator lights, HIDs, bulbs and bar lights.

People use diverse types of car lights in their cars. For a long time, cars have had headlights in the front to ensure visibility during nights. Headlights can become less effective with time when the bulbs inside them become weak or the glass has scratches. In that case, people can replace their headlights and buy new ones at the lowest rates.

Car Batteries

Similarly, one can buy a car battery for any of these brands and their models. People who sell auto parts and accessories on PakWheels often post top sellers like

  1. Toyota hybrid battery

  2. Honda dry cell battery

  3. Varta hybrid batteries

  4. Suzuki Wagon R start/stop batteries

  5. Volta battery

  6. Osaka battery

Batteries at Best Price in Pakistan

Fog lights come in handy during winters. When there is fog in the air, people can simply turn on their fog lamps to improve visibility. Fog lights can also be used to make things more visible during smoggy weather. Taillights are also an integral part of the car as they signify whenever brakes are applied. Moreover, tail lights remain turned on during night which helps other commuters in maintaining distance and avoiding traffic accidents.

If you need new taillights, you can surf through the products on the website to see their prices and buy accordingly. Taillights for different brands including Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, and others can be bought at the lowest prices from the PakWheels website. Genuine indicators and indicator lights can help commuters navigate properly and abide by traffic rules.

On the other hand, people must also consider good car batteries to help run these lights effectively. At the moment, PakWheels offers different car batteries, including acid batteries, dry batteries, and Daewoo maintenance-free batteries. It’s thus up to the people which car battery they want to purchase.

Car Lights & Electrical Parts for sale in Pakistan

There are currently 1,533 car Lights & Electrical spare parts available for sale on Pakwheels AutoStore. These car Lights & Electrical parts on Pakwheels Autostore are available at different prices and from different Brands. We have a large network of trusted and reliable parts sellers from all over Pakistan with the best variety of genuine Lights & Electrical parts for cars. These car parts in Pakistan ranges from PKR 100 to PKR 450,000

Car Lights and Electrical Accessories Prices in Pakistan

Lights & Electrical Price
Lights & Electrical Price (Min) PKR 100
Lights & Electrical Price (Max) PKR 450,000

Lights & Electrical Videos

Car Atmosphere Light Application Control Bluetooth

Published on: 29 December 2021

  • Car Atmosphere Light Application Control Bluetooth

    Car Atmosphere Light Application Control Bluetooth

  • Car Humidifier With Atmosphere Light Laser Roof Light

    Car Humidifier With Atmosphere Light Laser Roof Light

  • USB Rechargeable Car Interior Roof Light

    USB Rechargeable Car Interior Roof Light

  • Universal High Quality Snail Car Horn

    Universal High Quality Snail Car Horn

  • Maxxis High-Quality Snail Car Horn

    Maxxis High-Quality Snail Car Horn

  • Anti Fog Halogen Car Fog Lamp Bulbs Yellow

    Anti Fog Halogen Car Fog Lamp Bulbs Yellow

  • Honda Civic Bugatti Style DRL Fog Lamp

    Honda Civic Bugatti Style DRL Fog Lamp

  • Mobile Control Bluetooth Multicolor LED Lights

    Mobile Control Bluetooth Multicolor LED Lights

  • 5 Must Have Product For Rainy & Foggy Weather

    5 Must Have Product For Rainy & Foggy Weather

  • Smoke DRL Jeep Wrangler Lava Back Lights

    Smoke DRL Jeep Wrangler Lava Back Lights

Lights and Electrical FAQs

Additional lights help in improving visibility at night and during tough weather. They usually have a longer range than the standard car lights so they are more beneficial. Interior lighting options include neon LED lights and other decorative lights to improve the ambiance of your car. There are also several other car lights options online to browse and choose your favorite one.
Having bright lights inside your car can interfere with your vision and may make driving difficult. To decorate the interior of the car , neon LED lights are the best solution. They are dim, do not hurt the eyes, do not obstruct vision, are flexible and waterproof. They also improve the ambiance of the car and can be easily bought here at affordable prices.
Accessories and auto parts that come with the car are sometimes not of the best quality or may get damaged over time. PakWheels AutoStore has a wide range of headlamps and cabin lights for every car make and model. Simply search your desired auto part with your car’s make and model in the search bar and choose from the best quality options available.
The headlights and taillights of cars do not need to be changed if they are working perfectly fine. In case of an accident or electrical malfunction, the car’s headlights or taillights might become dim or damaged. In that case, replace the lights as soon as possible to have a safe driving experience.
Yes, PakWheels AutoStore has a huge variety of best quality car lights and electrical accessories which you can browse here . Find your favorite exterior and interior lighting products and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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